Announcements Payza
Payza Is Still Restructuring
Hello all Payza members, Many of you already know that Payza has been dealing with some legal matters in the United States
Announcements Payza Is Restructuring
Payza Is Restructuring
This is a message to inform you about the restructuring that Payza is undergoing. Our previous domain is no longer accessible, however
How to Use Payza Payza Customer Support
Payza Customer Support: The Best Way to Get Answers About Your Payza Account
Whether you want to use Payza to send money online, make purchases from a growing number of online merchants, or receive payments
Press Release Payza Press Release
Payza Partners with BlockCypher to Launch Dash Cryptocurrency Payments
Payza members in over 190 countries can now buy, sell, send and receive Dash using their Payza e-wallets LONDON, March 19, 2018 – Payza, an
Announcements Payza - Full Dash Support
Payza Introduces Full Dash Cryptocurrency Support
Payza was the first e-wallet provider to allow members to use Bitcoin just like any other currency. Today, Payza is unveiling the
Announcements Add funds by Canada Post & Loadhub
New Deposit Option for Canada! Introducing Add Funds by Canada Post, Powered by Loadhub
Payza has added another instant deposit option for our members in Canada: you can now add funds to your Payza account by
Online Security Card Security
Protect Your Credit Cards: What to Do to Keep Your Cards Safe
Cyber fraud is a serious problem that many consumers and industries are struggling with. Millions of people are affected by credit card
Announcements Payza Sales Facebook Page
Payza Launches Page for Merchants: Presenting the PayzaSales Facebook Page!
When signing up for your Payza Account, determine whether a Personal or Business Account is right for you. If you’re an online
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Profile: Ripple
Cryptocurrency Profile: Ripple
In this article, Ripple always refers to the company formerly known as Ripple Labs, Inc. The token native to the Ripple protocol
Payza People Payza Awards
Payza Executives Honored with Industry Awards
Payza’s CEO, Firoz Patel, and Payza India Director, Vineet Tewari, receive recognition for their hard work and success Payza has seen tremendous