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Bangladesh e-Commerce Scene Ready to Jump to the Next Level

Bangladesh is a country with over 150 million residents but more than that, it is the most densely populated country on the planet, with more people per square mile than any other country. The population is on the verge of an economic breakout, especially in the e-commerce sector, and now the European Union is looking to create strong ties with Bangladesh.

It’s an exciting time for Bangladeshis, and an exciting time for Payza, which had committed to playing an important role in Bangladesh’s emerging digital economy. Through cooperation and innovation, Payza, Casada Tech and Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. (BCB) have created an online wallet and payment service designed specifically to meet the needs of Bangladeshis. The new online wallet gives Bangladeshis easy and familiar ways to load Takas to their accounts, either online by credit card or by visiting a bank teller. From there, members can use those Takas to pay bills, shop online, or send money to their friends and family.

Casada’s Vice-Chairman, Nadimur Rahman, was at Digital World 2015 to discuss the part Payza will play in Bangladesh’s developing digital ecosystem. “The modern world is digital, it exists online as much as in nature,” said Rahman, “Payza’s digital wallet and online payment processing will help combine the these two worlds, allowing for an easier transition for Bangladeshis, many of whom are still unfamiliar with this new online environment. Having a reliable online payment processor and ewallet service in Bangladesh is an absolute must in order to make sure Bangladeshis are free to participate in and contribute to the online world as much as possible, but it is also important to make sure these tools are accessible to as many Bangladeshis as possible, by maintaining the best parts of Bangladesh’s traditional economy, while solving everyday problems like a dependence of carrying too many Takas through hour long traffic jams and lineups just to pay a bill.”

“Bangladesh is ready to make the leap into the digital future, and Payza, along with Casada, will be there to help,” Mr. Rahman added. “If you have a webstore in Bangladesh or are thinking of launching an online business, now is the time to contact Payza to see how we can help.”