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Trending Products to Sell Online in 2018: 10 Hot E-Commerce Items

Payza Trending Products 2018

Payza is committed to helping online business owners succeed, so we’re sharing 10 hot products for 2018 to help you stay on top of the trends.

If you have an online store or are thinking about starting one, you need a line of products that make you stand out. Get ahead of the game by stocking some of the hippest, trendiest items around.

If you haven’t seen our previous list, there are lots of hot products from 2017 that are sure to be popular in 2018 as well, like VR products and smartwatches. Like last year, we have picked out 10 hot products with strong growing interest according to Google Trends.

Leave your competition in the dust by carrying the products online shoppers will be searching for this year.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are becoming a must-have item, thanks in part to Apple eliminating headphone jacks on their iPhones. It’s been over a year since Apple made the decision to remove the headphones and now other phones, like the Google Pixel 2, are following suit.

Bluetooth headphones aren’t just for mobiles either, they’re also great for late night binge-fests when everyone else in the house is fast asleep.

Vinyl recordsVinyl Records

8-tracks, audio cassettes and CDs have all mostly disappeared as MP3s and digital downloads dominate the music industry, but one form of audio media is actually making a comeback: Vinyl Records. For music lovers that want something physical to hold onto while listening to their favorite tunes, vinyl records are gaining popularity. Whether you offer new releases or vintage collectibles, vinyl albums can make your online store a popular destination for audiophiles.

Instant cameraInstant Cameras

Most people know these as “Polaroid Cameras,” after Polaroid popularized the concept of cameras that print their own pictures. These cameras largely disappeared over the last decade before making a big comeback. The Fujifilm Instax line of cameras is leading the resurgence with their line of hip devices and fashionable accessories, but there are many different instant cameras available to help you take advantage of this trend.


Funko Pop! Figures

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around just how popular Pop! figures have become over a short period. During the Christmas season, Pop! figures make great stocking stuffers and secret Santa gifts, but Google Trends shows that searches for “Funko Pop” are popular all year round, and growing rapidly.

No matter what fandom you belong to, there’s sure to be a Funko figure for you. Funko has over 175 pages of Pop! figures in their catalog with 15 items per page. That’s over 2500 different figures! Retailers will be happy to know that collecting these characters can become addictive, so much so that an “Addicted Popper” husband recently signed a contract with his wife promising to limit his habit.

E-Bikes and Accessories

The electric bicycle market is primed to hit its stride thanks to many positive factors, according to Persistence Market Research. Increasing awareness, environmental sensitivity, and government support are combining to push e-bikes into the spotlight.

Demand for electric bicycles is expected to be highest in the Asia Pacific excluding the Japan region, as well as India, however North America and Europe are also considered target markets. While e-bikes can sometimes carry a hefty price tag, they remain a practical and economic transportation solution.

Beard Oil

Who says scruffy men don’t care about hygiene? Beard oil is making its mark as a must-have grooming product for men with facial hair, and beard oil is just the beginning. If you’re supplying facial hair grooming essentials, there are countless grooming tools and products that would interest any bearded man. Data suggests the beard trend may be peaking, but the market for beard products is just getting warmed up.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses and benefits, from relaxation to skin care to cleaning products and more. According to Grand View Research, sales are expected to grow from over 6.0 billion USD in 2015 to 11.67 billion USD by 2022. On top of solid search growth for the Essential Oil topic, searches for “how to use essential oil” are trending up as well, so if you carry these products be sure to help your customers out by providing tips on how they can use them.

Subscription Boxes

When done right, subscription box businesses can be incredibly successful and this model is increasing in demand. People love surprises and love to get exclusive, hard-to-find collectibles for their favorite hobby or fandom. If you know how to stay on top of the trends for your specific niche, curating a subscription box is a great way to show off your skills!


Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrencies were all over the headlines in 2017 as fear of missing out (FOMO) drove Bitcoin and Altcoin adoption. The craze got so great that several exchanges had to temporarily stop accepting new customers because they had more members than they could handle! As adoption grows, Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets are sure to be a hot item since it gives users a convenient way to store and protect their coins.


Personalized Gifts

Everybody wants a gift that was made just for them and personalized items let you give exactly that. If you’re an artisan or if you sell your own crafts, giving customers the option to personalize their purchases could help you stand out.




Make Sure You’re Ready to Accept Online Payments

Once you have your line of products set, you’ll need to decide how you want to get paid online. You’ll want a payment processor that gives you options, and of course it needs to be secure and reliable.

A Payza account makes it easy to accept online payments and there are lots of added bonuses like free recurring billing, built-in fraud protection, and no hidden fees. With Payza, you can process credit card, Bitcoin and e-wallet payments from customers all around the world. Set up your Payza Business Account to get started.

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