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Magento Review: Learn About Payza Shopping Cart Modules

Magento Shopping Cart Review

Choosing the right shopping cart is not a decision to be made lightly. There are a lot of different options out there and each one provides a different set of tools and features. When choosing a shopping cart, you need to think about the needs of your customers in order to know which option provides the features necessary for your business. To help this process along, we’re offering in-depth reviews of Payza-supported shopping carts, starting with Magento.

To call Magento just a shopping cart really doesn’t do it justice. Founded in 2007, Magento is an open-source, full-service e-commerce platform and content management system. Written in PHP, the platform is fully customizable and easily scalable for a growing business. That means that Magento is designed to grow with your company, making it an ideal choice for new and established e-commerce businesses. If you want to launch or upgrade an online store consider Magento for the strength of the platform’s expansive features and its sheer popularity.

Marketed as “The World’s Most Flexible Commerce Platform,” Magento is certainly one of the world’s most popular. In May 2015, AheadWorks released a report that put Magento’s share of the e-commerce platform market at a massive 30%. Magento 2 was launched later that year, which improved upon the platform’s design and functionality.

Two Versions of Magento

There are two versions of Magento to consider, each designed to meet specific needs.

  • Community Edition – The free version of Magento, which you can download directly from their website and host on your own server. This is the only version you need to install to have the Magento shopping cart module for Payza. For a small fee, the Community Edition is also available as a hosted service. This means you won’t have to install anything yourself.
  • Enterprise Edition – The paid version is set up for you by Magento and is designed with large companies in mind. Unlike the Community Edition, the Enterprise Edition gives you access to Magento’s partners and certified developers who can help you get started and manage your online store.

Finding a platform that is reliable, flexible, and affordable can be a challenge – usually, you can get only two of those qualities. Magento’s popularity stems from the fact that it is one of the few services to provide all three. E-commerce business owners love the software’s cost-effectiveness, which ranges from the free version, with both free and paid plug-ins and add-ons, to the versatile paid versions aimed at larger enterprises. Pretty much any feature you could want is available in Magento, especially if you have the coding skills to take advantage of them.

There is one drawback though, the free version doesn’t include technical support from Magento staff. You need to have some technical know-how to configure and customize your website, or hire a developer to do that for you. Since it is such a robust, versatile platform, integration can pose a challenge for business owners who are not familiar with programming. Magento also does not include templates in any edition, so if you’re looking for a “plug-and-play” content management system, this may not be the platform for you.

If what you need is a shopping cart for your existing website though, using Payza’s free Magento shopping cart module with the free Community Edition is as plug-and-play as you can get. Just download Magento from and then visit our Supported Shopping Cart Modules page to download the module.


  • Free
  • Feature-intensive
  • Scalable


  • No templates
  • Developer skills required
  • No free hosting

Payza-integrated shopping carts allow merchants to provide a simple and familiar checkout option for their customers. Your clients can make single-step, multi-item purchases, and every transaction will be processed securely by Payza, with the funds landing in your account instantly.

You can download the Magento Shopping Cart Module zip file for Payza here.

Magento: “More than 240,000 merchants worldwide put their trust in our eCommerce software. Magento’s eCommerce platform gives you the tools you need to attract more prospects, sell more products, and make more money.