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Payza Partners with BlockCypher to Launch Dash Cryptocurrency Payments

Payza Press Release

Payza members in over 190 countries can now buy, sell, send and receive Dash using their Payza e-wallets

LONDONMarch 19, 2018 – Payza, an award-winning online payment processor, is proud to announce that Dash is now the second cryptocurrency members can hold in their Payza e-wallet, alongside Bitcoin and a wide range of traditional currencies. This new feature allows members in over 190 countries to hold Dash in their Payza e-wallet, send and receive Dash to and from other Payza members, and exchange Dash into fiat currency or Bitcoin.

To celebrate the launch, Payza is offering a limited-time promotion: Payza members who exchange fiat or Bitcoin into Dash will receive an extra 10% of the altcoin when they buy up to 1 Dash, and an extra 5% for each Dash purchased above that amount (up to 5 Dash purchased).

“There are several reasons that we chose Dash to be the second cryptocurrency integrated into our platform, after Bitcoin. Dash boasts low network fees and fast transactions, two features that users look for in a cryptocurrency,” said Payza CEO, Firoz Patel. “Dash also has a vibrant and active community, especially in the developing world, which appeals to us as a company that also focuses on empowering underbanked populations. Finally, Dash is user-friendly and has a roadmap in place to further improve usability.”

The new Dash services and promotion is made possible by Payza’s partnership with BlockCypher, which specializes in blockchain solutions and features blockchain agnostic products. BlockCypher’s approach makes it easier for users to interact with several cryptocurrencies through one solution. “We are excited to see Payza integrate Dash so quickly using our web services and infrastructure,” said Karen Hsu, Head of Growth at BlockCypher. “Payza leads the digital payments market in providing customers with the choice to use Dash and digital currencies, which have become the fastest and most economical way of making cross-border payments for people around the world.”

“BlockCypher has a fantastic enterprise level solution for integrating Altcoins,” said Payza CTO, Ali Nizameddine. “With BlockCypher’s support, Payza looks forward to launching several exciting cryptocurrency products this year.”

Thanks to BlockCypher’s blockchain solutions, Payza is also preparing to launch similar services for Ethereum and Litecoin, among other cryptocurrency integrations.

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About Payza

Payza is an award-winning online payment processor. The highly secure platform provides businesses around the world practical solutions for processing online payments and disbursing payouts and remittances, both in traditional currencies and Bitcoin. Payza supports 26 currencies and serves over 16 million members in more than 190 countries.

More information is available about Payza on its website (, FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and the company’s blog.