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Review Your Online Security: Large List of Hacked Email Accounts Being Sold Online

Payza Security

The internet can be a dangerous place, so we want to make sure you are protected. Payza takes your security very seriously and we take all the necessary precautions to protect your information and your money, but there are things you can do as well.

A new report came out last week detailing how 21 million Gmail accounts and 5 million Yahoo accounts are being sold online, all for less than $500 USD. It’s a scary reminder of how easily and freely sensitive information like this can flow through the internet.

It’s also a reminder about how important it is to use techniques that will help you protect yourself against these data breaches, even if your information is compromised.

How hackers use your data

When hackers get a hold of usernames and passwords they will often try them on lots of different websites. Hackers know that most people use the same password for all, or most, of the websites they log into.

This is why you should always choose a unique password for your Payza account. If one of your username and password combinations has been compromised, don’t put your Payza account at risk. Keep it safe by using a different password for Payza than you use for other online accounts, especially your email account.

Most of the passwords that were discovered for sale were compromised in breaches from 2016 or earlier. If you haven’t updated your passwords in the last three to six months, it’s a good idea to change them as soon as possible.

This type of security breach is unfortunately becoming more and more common. That is why we recommend updating your passwords regularly.

Payza’s tips on good password practices

At Payza, we’re always looking for ways to keep your data secure. We have procedures in place to protect your information and your money, and we are constantly reviewing and improving our security practices. We do our part, but the most effective way to protect your account is in your hands: using a strong, unique password and updating it regularly.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your account is as secure as possible:

Use a unique password for your most important accounts: Ideally, you should use a unique password for every website you use. We understand that can sometimes be difficult, so we’ve already written about a good password formula that will help you accomplish this.

If you do end up deciding to use the same password for multiple websites, you should still pick a new password for highly sensitive accounts, like your email accounts and e-wallets. This will help protect your accounts if one of the sites you used is ever compromised.

Update your passwords regularly: Hackers can’t use your old passwords against you if you’ve already changed them. Even when a big security breach occurs, it usually takes time for attackers to use the information they’ve collected. By changing your passwords regularly, and always picking new passwords that you’ve never used before, you will make it very hard for attackers to do anything with your information even if they do get their hands on it.

Check if your accounts have been compromised: There are online databases that keep track of security breaches and that can help you discover whether or not your accounts have been hacked. You can use sites like, and to check if your account has ever been compromised. If it has, be sure to update your passwords right away!

For more security news and tips from Payza, visit the Online Security section of the Payza Blog.