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Beware Payza Money Adder Hacks: This Is A Scam

Payza money adder scam

Has any Payza member ever received free money from a hack money adder?

No, definitely not.

Conduct an internet search with terms “payza hack” or “payza money adder” and you will find a plethora of listings; we are not alone: similar “hacks” exist for all major online money transfer businesses. All these sites advertise ways to get free money in your Payza account. It almost seems too good to be true.

Well, it is. Let us explain.

What is a “Money Adder” and “Payza Hack”

They go by a few names, mostly along the lines of Payza Money Adder, or Payza Money Generator, or simply, Payza hack.

Some look primitive in terms of design and promotion; others are very sophisticated with stylish design and branding. Some purported money adders are available as a mobile app, some only work on desktop. Many are associated with promotional videos on Youtube and social media, providing slick demonstrations on how simple and effective this hack is.

Has a Payza hack ever provided money to an account? No, never

Despite these differences, all money adders have one thing in common: they do not actually give you free money.

These money adders share another common trait: They are designed to trick you into providing your Payza Account details so that a fraudster can compromise your account.

We can say with absolute certainty that no one has ever received money in their account from a money adder or similarly purported hack. Our fraud prevention and customer support departments, however, are familiar with the need to freeze accounts that have been accessed by unwanted third parties. Our investigations indicate that third parties gained access to an account after the owner provided their login information to one of these money adder sites.


Embrace the advice from this popular expression: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We recently discussed Payza Money Adders and Payza Hacks on Quora. For a more detailed explanation of how this scam works, read our answer below.

Please stay vigilant so that, together, we can minimize the risks of online fraud.

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