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Introducing Payza’s New Look!

At Payza, we’ve been hard at work to update your Payza accounts and provide you with more tools, an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate design, and even greater security. The first phase of this project has just been completed and we’re happy to present our brand new design!

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

Navigating your Payza account

Your newly redesigned Payza account has three menus to help you navigate your account. Here’s a look at where you can find each menu and what options they give you.

The Transaction Menu: Located at the top of your account this menu lets you send money, request funds or make deposits and withdrawals. Everything you’re used to from the previous account design.

The Profile Menu: You’ll find your profile options in the top left corner of the new Payza account design. Here you can modify your personal information, change your password and Transaction PIN, start the verification process, and upgrade your account type.

The Payza Toolbox: On the left hand side of the screen below the Profile Menu is where you’ll find all the handy tools Payza has to offer. In the “Wallet” section you can manage the credit cards and bank accounts linked to your Payza account. The “Account” section offers a more detailed transaction history, you can also manage your Payza referrals, access to the Resolution Center if you need to file or respond to a dispute and much more. Finally, if you have a Business account, you’ll find a “Business” section to help you get your website reviewed, integrate payment buttons and more. There are also advanced API options available in this section as well to make Payza integration even easier.

Brand new Activity Feed

When you first log in to your newly redesigned Payza account, you’ll notice the Activity Feed is now front and center. This is where the action happens, whenever something happens in your account like a transaction, a completed verification or a successful website review, you’ll be notified in the Activity Feed. You can click on each notification to get more details and take a closer look.

New Payza Account Design

A look at the new Payza Account design with new menus and a more prominent activity feed

Mini-Me, Big Security

At Payza we believe that truly great customer service means helping you out before you even ask. Our unique background in online security has provided us with the in-depth research and the tools to constantly strengthen our services. We’ve got many devices in our toolbox to keep you safe online, like the Fraudmatrix, our real-time monitoring platform that provides Payza users with the most secure e-commerce experience, and a 128-bit SSL encryption that prevents fraudsters from intercepting your private information. But phishing sites are on the rise and hackers continue to hone their malicious skills, and all of this can make for an unpleasant – and potentially unsafe- online experience.

When it comes to online security, we strive to maintain a reliable level of security without sacrificing customer ease-of-use.  So when we put our heads together to come up with a solution to make your Payza accounts even safer, we also got serious about making the whole experience fun. The New Year may still be several weeks away, but we’re getting a head start on our resolution to improve our users’ experience by rolling out (drum roll please)… profile avatars!

So what do a mini-me and online security have in common?

With the new Payza account design, you can now create a personalized avatar and customized message that will display when you log in from a new device. When you take advantage of the advanced security setting, you’ll also be asked  to set up challenge questions which will be presented to you when you  log in from an unfamiliar device.  This 2-step process adds an extra layer of security, you’ll know that you have accessed Payza’s website and not a phishing site, and we’ll know that even though you are logging in from a new device, you are the true account holder.

Creating Your Own Avatar

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Log into your Payza account.
  2. Click on ‘Set Up Advanced Security’ on the right-hand side of your profile.
  3. Enter a custom message to be displayed.
  4. Now you’re ready to make your mini-me! Click on ‘Edit Avatar’.
  5. You can customize the gender, hair and skin tones, head , body and legs of your avatar.
  6. Now you are ready for step 2. Set up at least 3 question-and-answer pairings. You can add up to 6 question-and answer pairings.
  7. Once you have completed both steps, click ‘Set Up Security’ to save your settings. You’ll need to finish both steps to complete the extra-security layer, so if you don’t have time to finish both steps, simply click ‘Cancel and do this later’ to finish another time.

We’ve got more exciting changes coming to a Payza account near you! Stay tuned for more updates this week and find out how your favorite way to pay just got even better.