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Payza Improves Credit Card Transactions

Payza credit card update

The year is just getting started but Payza’s team of developers has already completed an important project that we think our customers will love: improved credit card payments and deposits!

While you won’t notice any changes to your Payza account, this update involves significant improvements to how our system executes credit card transactions to help ensure the best possible user experience.

Over the last year, we spoke to many customers who informed us of issues they faced when trying to make a credit card payment or a credit card deposit. Using this information, Payza’s development team implemented a number of fixes aimed at improving the experience for all our members.

With the latest improvements to credit card processing, members will face fewer declines when attempting to add funds or make a payment by credit card. One week after implementing this fix, we noticed credit card transaction declines decrease by over 50%, so more of our customers are able to complete their transactions on the first try.

We have also improved an issue with currency exchanges that was causing some members to experience higher than expected charges. We’re confident that with these new updates, our customers will love using their credit cards with Payza more than ever!

Our team will continue to monitor this feature to judge the success of our latest improvements. We welcome your comments and feedback and will be surveying selected users in the coming weeks.

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