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Payza Launches Global ISO Program

Payza ISO Program

The Payza Referral Program is already a great way to earn money by telling people about Payza, but if you know merchants and businesses who may be able to benefit from our services there’s now a way to earn even more!

With so much more than just credit card processing, Payza is a great all-in-one online payment solution or a fantastic add-on to a merchant’s existing payment options. Payza offers Bitcoin payment processing and e-wallet payments on top of specialty local options.

To help spread the word about our services, Payza is introducing a new global ISO program to let independent sales representatives and organizations in over 190 countries earn lucrative commissions by promoting Payza’s services to online businesses. This is a great way to earn money while increasing Payza’s adoption among online merchants. If you’re a Payza member, that means you’ll also be getting more merchants that accept Payza e-wallet payments, giving you more options for your Payza funds!

What is an ISO?

An ISO, or Independent Sales Organization, promotes merchant services on behalf of payment processors such as Payza. ISOs operate under strict conditions so this task is not for everybody, but if you are well-organized, responsible, and have a friendly and outgoing personality, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Existing ISOs are encouraged to take part in Payza’s new global ISO program. For details on how to get started, contact our Business Development Team by sending an email to [email protected].

What are the terms of the Payza ISO Agreement?

If you would like to promote Payza’s merchant services, you must complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an ISO Agreement. This means that you are bound not to disclose the proprietary information you learn about our services. When promoting Payza, you are prohibited from misrepresenting or making false claims about Payza’s services.

Payza accepts a wide range of merchants from a vast amount of countries worldwide, but there are still some restrictions on which businesses that can use our services. Be sure to read the Payza Reference Center for details about these restrictions: Acceptable Use and Activities Not Allowed.

Payza provides a wide range of resources to help our members use their Payza account to the fullest, however ISOs are responsible for on-boarding merchants and assisting with basic integration if they wish to receive a full share of commissions.

How do I get started?

Becoming a Payza ISO is easy. Once you complete the necessary paperwork, you can begin promoting Payza’s services immediately. Simply contact [email protected] to request the NDA and Payza ISO Agreement, and return those documents when completed.

We suggest that you sign up for your own Payza account and have it verified to receive your commissions with the shortest possible delay.

Once the ISO documentation has been completed and your Payza account has been set up, you’re ready to start finding clients. Payza has marketing resources available upon request to help you let your contacts know what makes Payza the right partner for their online payment processing needs.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new Payza ISO Program, we look forward to hearing your comments.