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Payza Is Still Restructuring


Hello all Payza members,

Many of you already know that Payza has been dealing with some legal matters in the United States for the past months. We want you to know that these are only accusations and not an evidence of guilt; Payza has never and will never take part in any illegal activities.

We have been working hard to keep our business going while struggling with these allegations, but unfortunately, we are currently dealing with a loss of service providers and a reduced staff. These severe circumstances have damaged our company and our brand, which means that our services are shut down at the moment, so we can deal with the current situation and not make it worse.

The company is therefore undergoing a restructuring that may or may not include another company taking over. Your funds are currently frozen or are being held in suspension by our suppliers. When we overcome their concerns, the funds will be released. For the moment, we have turned off all new incoming funds to limit any further exposure for you, our valued customers.

We apologize sincerely to everyone and we are very sorry about this situation. We understand that many of you will be frustrated and/or outraged by this. Rest assure that we will honor all withdrawals when we can, except for those in the United States. The funds in the US have been frozen by the US bank and are being held by the US government.

Payza has been proud to serve you and we are sorry about the current situation. Thank you to all of our loyal and dedicated customers who have been standing with us and using our services. We appreciate your patience in this matter while we are overcoming these challenges. We are working on a solution and are hoping to have this solved as soon as possible.

Thank you,
The Payza Team