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Payza Customer Support: The Best Way to Get Answers About Your Payza Account

Payza Customer Support

Whether you want to use Payza to send money online, make purchases from a growing number of online merchants, or receive payments for your online business, knowing how to best use all of our services and features can be a challenge. Did you know that you can get help with your Payza Account in many different ways? Contacting our customer support team and submitting a ticket is one way, however we are also available via other resources.

We want to help make it easier for you to get answers to any questions you have about your Payza Account by presenting these different resources to you:

The Payza Reference Center

The Payza Reference Center can help you in many different ways. When you’re new to Payza, whether you’re a Personal or a Business Account Member, our setup guides can help you get your account registered and ready:

Once your account is set up, our Reference Center also provides handy manuals to assist you with your Personal or Business Account. These manuals are a great information resource for you and provide in-depth, step-by-step instructions to assist you with your Payza Account:

Anytime you need guidance for your Payza Account, or when you have questions or encounter difficulties using our services, you should always consult our Payza Reference Center first. Here, you will find lots of helpful information and learn the best way to use our online payment platform for money transfers, shopping online, and digital payments.

The Payza Reference Center Forum

For more general questions about Payza or your Payza Account, you can turn to the Payza Reference Center Forum. This forum is open to everyone, so you can receive answers not only from the Payza Team, but also from other Payza members. If you see a question from someone in the forum that you know the answer to, feel free to post an answer to it!

Keep in mind that posts published in this forum can be accessed by anyone, so be careful with the type of information you share here. For account-related inquiries that contain sensitive information, you should instead submit a ticket to our customer support team directly.

Payza Customer Support

Our Payza Customer Support Team is available to answer all of your questions via email on weekdays from 12am Monday to 11.59pm Friday EST. Simply go to the Payza Support page, click on “Contact our Support Team” and submit your ticket.

To answer customer support inquiries quickly and accurately, we ask you to provide us with as much details as possible in all the right places. This post can help you prepare your ticket: 6 tips for submitting the best Payza Customer Support Ticket. Be sure to take a look at these tips when submitting your ticket and our customer support team will get back to you within 3 business days.

Payza will send a reply to your ticket via email. However, to avoid having these important emails delivered to your junk or spam folders, follow this guide to “whitelist” messages from Payza Customer Support ([email protected]) so that they go straight to your inbox: How to Never Again Miss an Important Email from Payza.

Social Media Chats

Did you know that we have our own Facebook page and Twitter Support page? Simply look for @payzaglobal on Facebook and @PayzaSupport on Twitter. Our social media customer support teams are available to assist you and answer your questions via private message.

Recently, we also launched a Facebook page aimed solely at merchants: The PayzaSales Facebook Page. If you as a merchant have any business-related questions, send us a private message and our Business Team will answer you!

Please note that our social media chats are not our official support, so for the safety of our members not all questions about your Payza account can be answered here. For highly sensitive questions, please contact our customer support team instead. Also note that the social media chats are not available on weekends or holidays.

The next time you have any questions about your Payza Account, take a moment to decide which one of these resources would be best suited for your situation. This will also save you some valuable time.

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