Payza Is Still Restructuring


Hello all Payza members,

Many of you already know that Payza has been dealing with some legal matters in the United States for the past months. We want you to know that these are only accusations and not an evidence of guilt; Payza has never and will never take part in any illegal activities.

We have been working hard to keep our business going while struggling with these allegations, but unfortunately, we are currently dealing with a loss of service providers and a reduced staff. These severe circumstances have damaged our company and our brand, which means that our services are shut down at the moment, so we can deal with the current situation and not make it worse.

The company is therefore undergoing a restructuring that may or may not include another company taking over. Your funds are currently frozen or are being held in suspension by our suppliers. When we overcome their concerns, the funds will be released. For the moment, we have turned off all new incoming funds to limit any further exposure for you, our valued customers.

We apologize sincerely to everyone and we are very sorry about this situation. We understand that many of you will be frustrated and/or outraged by this. Rest assure that we will honor all withdrawals when we can, except for those in the United States. The funds in the US have been frozen by the US bank and are being held by the US government.

Payza has been proud to serve you and we are sorry about the current situation. Thank you to all of our loyal and dedicated customers who have been standing with us and using our services. We appreciate your patience in this matter while we are overcoming these challenges. We are working on a solution and are hoping to have this solved as soon as possible.

Thank you,
The Payza Team

Payza Is Restructuring

Payza Is Restructuring

This is a message to inform you about the restructuring that Payza is undergoing.

Our previous domain is no longer accessible, however Payza’s services are fully operational and available at our new domain, to everyone except for residents of the United States. Our new domain defines Payza as being a European service.

Note that Payza is no longer offered as a service to US residents. This means that no transactions are allowed for US members at this time and Payza will no longer be servicing businesses registered in the US, neither providing US payout services or US based withdrawals.

Please be aware that Payza’s services are still available to businesses registered outside of the United States. However, with our recent change of domain to, it is important that merchants switch their API to and update their payment buttons to direct to from now on to ensure uninterrupted services.

We hope that you will stand with us while we are dealing with these changes. For all our loyal and dedicated members, Payza is still fully operational and we will continue to serve you in the best way we can!

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

The Payza Team

Payza Partners with BlockCypher to Launch Dash Cryptocurrency Payments

Payza Press Release

Payza members in over 190 countries can now buy, sell, send and receive Dash using their Payza e-wallets

LONDONMarch 19, 2018 – Payza, an award-winning online payment processor, is proud to announce that Dash is now the second cryptocurrency members can hold in their Payza e-wallet, alongside Bitcoin and a wide range of traditional currencies. This new feature allows members in over 190 countries to hold Dash in their Payza e-wallet, send and receive Dash to and from other Payza members, and exchange Dash into fiat currency or Bitcoin.

To celebrate the launch, Payza is offering a limited-time promotion: Payza members who exchange fiat or Bitcoin into Dash will receive an extra 10% of the altcoin when they buy up to 1 Dash, and an extra 5% for each Dash purchased above that amount (up to 5 Dash purchased).

“There are several reasons that we chose Dash to be the second cryptocurrency integrated into our platform, after Bitcoin. Dash boasts low network fees and fast transactions, two features that users look for in a cryptocurrency,” said Payza CEO, Firoz Patel. “Dash also has a vibrant and active community, especially in the developing world, which appeals to us as a company that also focuses on empowering underbanked populations. Finally, Dash is user-friendly and has a roadmap in place to further improve usability.”

The new Dash services and promotion is made possible by Payza’s partnership with BlockCypher, which specializes in blockchain solutions and features blockchain agnostic products. BlockCypher’s approach makes it easier for users to interact with several cryptocurrencies through one solution. “We are excited to see Payza integrate Dash so quickly using our web services and infrastructure,” said Karen Hsu, Head of Growth at BlockCypher. “Payza leads the digital payments market in providing customers with the choice to use Dash and digital currencies, which have become the fastest and most economical way of making cross-border payments for people around the world.”

“BlockCypher has a fantastic enterprise level solution for integrating Altcoins,” said Payza CTO, Ali Nizameddine. “With BlockCypher’s support, Payza looks forward to launching several exciting cryptocurrency products this year.”

Thanks to BlockCypher’s blockchain solutions, Payza is also preparing to launch similar services for Ethereum and Litecoin, among other cryptocurrency integrations.

For more information about Dash payments with Payza, visit

About Payza

Payza is an award-winning online payment processor. The highly secure platform provides businesses around the world practical solutions for processing online payments and disbursing payouts and remittances, both in traditional currencies and Bitcoin. Payza supports 26 currencies and serves over 16 million members in more than 190 countries.

More information is available about Payza on its website (, FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and the company’s blog.

Payza Launches Global ISO Program

Payza ISO Program

The Payza Referral Program is already a great way to earn money by telling people about Payza, but if you know merchants and businesses who may be able to benefit from our services there’s now a way to earn even more!

With so much more than just credit card processing, Payza is a great all-in-one online payment solution or a fantastic add-on to a merchant’s existing payment options. Payza offers Bitcoin payment processing and e-wallet payments on top of specialty local options.

To help spread the word about our services, Payza is introducing a new global ISO program to let independent sales representatives and organizations in over 190 countries earn lucrative commissions by promoting Payza’s services to online businesses. This is a great way to earn money while increasing Payza’s adoption among online merchants. If you’re a Payza member, that means you’ll also be getting more merchants that accept Payza e-wallet payments, giving you more options for your Payza funds!

What is an ISO?

An ISO, or Independent Sales Organization, promotes merchant services on behalf of payment processors such as Payza. ISOs operate under strict conditions so this task is not for everybody, but if you are well-organized, responsible, and have a friendly and outgoing personality, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Existing ISOs are encouraged to take part in Payza’s new global ISO program. For details on how to get started, contact our Business Development Team by sending an email to [email protected].

What are the terms of the Payza ISO Agreement?

If you would like to promote Payza’s merchant services, you must complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an ISO Agreement. This means that you are bound not to disclose the proprietary information you learn about our services. When promoting Payza, you are prohibited from misrepresenting or making false claims about Payza’s services.

Payza accepts a wide range of merchants from a vast amount of countries worldwide, but there are still some restrictions on which businesses that can use our services. Be sure to read the Payza Reference Center for details about these restrictions: Acceptable Use and Activities Not Allowed.

Payza provides a wide range of resources to help our members use their Payza account to the fullest, however ISOs are responsible for on-boarding merchants and assisting with basic integration if they wish to receive a full share of commissions.

How do I get started?

Becoming a Payza ISO is easy. Once you complete the necessary paperwork, you can begin promoting Payza’s services immediately. Simply contact [email protected] to request the NDA and Payza ISO Agreement, and return those documents when completed.

We suggest that you sign up for your own Payza account and have it verified to receive your commissions with the shortest possible delay.

Once the ISO documentation has been completed and your Payza account has been set up, you’re ready to start finding clients. Payza has marketing resources available upon request to help you let your contacts know what makes Payza the right partner for their online payment processing needs.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new Payza ISO Program, we look forward to hearing your comments.

Payza Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Payza Lowers Bitcoin Transaction Fees

Using Payza’s Bitcoin features has always been easy and now it’s getting even easier to exchange Bitcoin thanks to our new fee structure. Payza has lowered the Bitcoin to External Bitcoin Wallet withdrawal fee from 0.001 BTC to 0.0005 BTC and removed the 2% withdrawal fee for fiat currency to External Bitcoin Wallet withdrawals.

Payza’s Bitcoin services have been even more popular than we expected. Our longtime members and new sign-ups alike have been trying out the services and leaving us rave reviews. To return the favor, we’re taking advantage of the increased volume by lowering our Bitcoin-related fees!

The fee to send Bitcoin from your Payza e-Wallet to an external Bitcoin wallet has been cut in half! It’s down from .001 BTC to .0005 BTC. This fee includes the miner transaction fee, which is deducted directly from Payza’s fees and is always set high enough to ensure that your transaction is confirmed as quickly as possible.

Payza has also completely removed the 2% fee for exchanging and withdrawing fiat currency to an external Bitcoin wallet. We have adjusted our Bitcoin exchange rate as well to ensure that whether our members are buying or selling Bitcoin, they will always receive Payza’s best rate.

The new fees are made possible thanks to the popularity of Payza’s Bitcoin features. Since Payza’s first Bitcoin features were launched in 2014, the response from our members has been incredible. As both Payza and Bitcoin have grown, these services became more and more popular.

Payza is proud to be among the first online payment platforms to offer Bitcoin services and one of the first e-wallet providers to allow members to hold Bitcoin in their accounts alongside the fiat currencies we support. You can learn all about Payza’s Bitcoin services and get step-by-step instructions for exchanging currencies or sending and receiving Bitcoin on the Payza Blog: How to Use Payza’s New Bitcoin Features: Exchange, Add, Withdraw, and Send Bitcoin with Payza.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies play a big role in Payza’s future plans and we hope you’ll be there with us as we continue on this exciting journey!

For all the latest Payza news and updates, be sure to subscribe to the Payza blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager Launch Covered by and Others

On September 5, Payza introduced the Cryptocurrency Address Manager, a feature that allows Payza members to generate and manage Bitcoin addresses within their Payza accounts. Here’s a look at what the media has to say about Payza and our new Cryptocurrency Address Manager: covers Payza’s latest news is one of the premier sources for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. Here is how they covered Payza’s announcement:

Payza has announced the introduction of a new Bitcoin address manager feature that “allows Payza users to generate their own public bitcoin addresses and QR codes.” Generate up to a maximum of 50 addresses, use them several times and always receive funds to your Bitcoin address. For the moment, only Bitcoin is supported but other cryptocurrencies will be added in upcoming releases.

It is important to note that merchants should not rely on this new method as it provides no information about the customers and their transactions. Instead merchants should “rely on their prior payment methods”.

The full article from can be found on their website: Payza Unveils Bitcoin Address Manager

CryptoNinjas discuss Payza’s latest cryptocurrency announcement

Payza has launched a new cryptocurrency feature: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. With this feature, all Payza members can generate and manage Bitcoin addresses as well as QR codes from within their Payza accounts.

There is no fee to generate these Bitcoin addresses and it is also free to receive Bitcoin to these addresses. For now, only Bitcoin is currently supported, but more cryptocurrencies will be added in the near future.

The full article from CryptoNinjas can be found on their website: Payza introduces bitcoin address manager for all account holders

Crowdfund Insider presents Payza’s new Cryptocurrency Address Manager

On September 5, Payza introduced a new cryptocurrency feature available for both Payza Personal and Payza Business accounts; the Cryptocurrency Address Manager is a feature that enables Payza members to generate and manage their own cryptocurrency addresses from within their accounts.

Use this feature to generate your own Bitcoin addresses and QR codes to “more easily receive Bitcoin from other Bitcoin wallets”, without the need to “set up an Add Funds by Bitcoin transaction prior to receiving Bitcoin”. This feature is easy and convenient to use, and more cryptocurrencies will be “added in upcoming iterations.”

The full article from Crowdfund Insider can be found on their website: Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager Now Live: Bitcoin Management Made Easy

The Paypers observes Payza’s new Bitcoin wallet functionality

Payza has presented yet another new feature, this time one that lets Payza users generate and manage cryptocurrency addresses right within their Payza account: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. Payza members can now generate their own Bitcoin addresses and QR codes to “receive Bitcoin from other wallets directly into their accounts.”

There are no fees to either generate Bitcoin addresses nor to receive Bitcoin by using this method. At this moment, only Bitcoin addresses are supported, but other cryptocurrencies will be added in the future.

The full article from The Paypers can be found on their website: Payza enables Bitcoin wallet functionality for account holders

Fintechist highlights Payza’s “positive development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts”

Payza today fully supports Bitcoin and has now added another new feature: Cryptocurrency Address Manager. With this feature “there is no further need to rely on third-party services for this specific service” as you use Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager to generate and manage cryptocurrency addresses directly within your Payza account.

This is considered “a great move by the company” and it’s said that this “will hopefully make Bitcoin more appealing and popular.” You can access the new feature through the Payza desktop site, and mobile support will be enabled in a future update of the Payza App.

The full article from Fintechist can be found on their website: Payza Users can now Generate Bitcoin Addresses in Their Account Directly

Blockchain Technews mentions Payza’s introduction of the Cryptocurrency Address Manager

The launch of the new Payza desktop feature, Cryptocurrency Address Manager, provides Payza members with an easier way to receive Bitcoin from other Bitcoin wallets. Simply generate a Bitcoin address and QR code for your Payza account, and use this to receive Bitcoin without first having to set up an Add Funds by Bitcoin transaction.

There are no fees to generate Bitcoin addresses or to receive Bitcoin when you use Payza’s Cryptocurrency Address Manager, and Payza CEO Firoz Patel states that “We’re proud to offer one of the most complete sets of bitcoin services on the market.”

The full article from Blockchain Technews can be found on their website: Payza intros Cryptocurrency Address Manager for full bitcoin wallet functionality

Payza Introduces New Advanced Security Levels and 2-Factor Authentication

Payza Advanced Security

At Payza, security for our members is very important. One of our top priorities is to keep your Payza account safe and completely protected. We have our unique Payza Avatars that protect against so-called “Man-in-the-browser” attacks and to protect against hacking we provide different security levels for our customers to choose from. To ensure the best security against threats such as phishing and hacking we regularly update our security settings.

We are proud to announce that our advanced security options have become even more robust – you now have even more security levels to choose from.

These enhanced security features give you as a Payza member three additional advanced security levels to choose from to help protect your Payza account. If these settings are more protection than you need, you can always stick with Payza’s standard security setting.

Here’s a look at how each of the different security levels work to help protect your account.

Payza Advanced Security Levels Explained

Payza Advanced Security includes a Payza Avatar and three different security levels. When you create your Payza Avatar, you will be asked to choose an Advanced Security level. If you would like to keep the standard security setting, you will not need to create a Payza Avatar.

When setting up your advanced security you must first select your Payza Avatar and then choose one of these three advanced security levels:

  • Level 1: Suspicious Login Alerts. You will receive an email alert that informs you when your account was accessed from an unrecognized device. In this email alert, you will find details such as date, time, and place of login. Note that if you already have a Payza Avatar, this will be your default Advanced Security setting.
  • Level 2: Receive Authentication Code. Upon logins from unrecognized devices, you will receive a one-time use authentication code sent to your email. This code will be valid for 15 minutes. You will need to enter this code to log in to your Payza account.
  • Level 3: 2-Factor Authentication. This security level sends a code to a paired smart device such as a smartphone or connected tablet. To access your Payza account you will need to enter this code along with your username and password. You must have your paired smart device with you whenever you log in to Payza.

Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication

To set up 2-Factor Authentication, the highest security setting Payza provides, you must use the Google Authenticator (GA) app. Access the advanced security settings within your Payza account to get started.

Here are the steps for setting up 2-Factor Authentication:

  1. In your Payza account, click on your name in the top left portion of the screen then select Advanced Security Settings.
  2. Select “Level 3: 2-Factor Authentication” and click “Set Up Two-Factor Authentication”. Instructions will appear on screen to help you complete the following steps. After completing this step, you will be presented with the following window:
  3. Install the Google Authenticator (GA) app on your mobile phone or tablet.
  4. Scan the QR code you received after completing step 2 to pair your Payza account with the GA app. This QR code can be scanned though your mobile device or you can enter the code manually.
  5. Upon completing step 4, you will receive a verification code in the GA app. In your Payza account enter the code where it says “Verification Code” in the Two-Factor Authentication Setup window. This step will synchronize your smart device with our system.

From now on whenever you try to log in to your Payza account, you will receive a code from the GA app. Simply enter this code in the login screen along with your username and password to access your account.

If you need any further help or if you have any questions concerning Payza’s updated advanced security settings, feel free to contact our customer support from your account or via the Payza Support Page. For more information and to stay up to date with the latest Payza news, be sure to subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Payza Launches New Bitcoin SendMoney API for External Bitcoin Wallets

Payza Bitcoin Mass Pay

Payza continues to improve our Bitcoin services. Our latest feature, Bitcoin SendMoney API, makes it possible for merchants to send Bitcoin payouts to people who don’t have a Payza account. This new API makes it possible for payout merchants to pay all their affiliates in Bitcoin, whether they have a Payza account or not.

The new feature is similar to Payza’s existing SendMoney API, which allows you to send a payment without having to log in directly to your Payza account. It’s a great tool for those who want to further automate their payout system. Like our original SendMoney API, the new Bitcoin SendMoney API will allow merchants to send automated payments, but, unlike the original, Bitcoin SendMoney API lets users send bitcoins directly to a Bitcoin address. This gives merchants even more freedom and flexibility when paying affiliates, by giving them an easy option to pay affiliates outside of Payza’s network of members.

With the new Bitcoin Sendmoney API, merchants can enter a Bitcoin address and an amount in the currency of their choice. If BTC is chosen as the currency, that amount of Bitcoin will be sent, and when a fiat currency code is entered, our system will calculate the appropriate amount of Bitcoin to send based on the real-time exchange rate. The transactions created using this API will be treated as withdrawals and subject to the standard Bitcoin Withdraw processing time.

The Bitcoin SendMoney API will save you time and money by giving you the power to design automated Bitcoin payouts to anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address. By pairing our powerful APIs with Bitcoin payments, Payza offers you a whole new feature that we’re sure you’ll love!

To enable your Payza Business Account for API use, follow the instructions in our Payza Merchant Setup Guide. The required coding information can be found in our Reference Center.

Bangladeshi Payza Members Can Now Convert Foreign Currency to Takas

Payza Currency Exchange

Payza has opened a new option for members in Bangladesh that will allow them to convert foreign currencies to Bangladeshi Takas (BDT) directly within their accounts. Previously, foreign currency had to be withdrawn to a Bangladeshi bank account in order to convert those funds to BDT, but with this new option, members can now make that conversion directly within their Payza accounts.

This new option will allow Bangladeshis to use the foreign currency they receive from friends and family abroad, and from payments they receive for freelance work, to make online purchases within Bangladesh, or to pay for services that accept Payza payments.

Because of regulations in Bangladesh, it is not possible for Bangladeshi Takas to be converted into other currencies. Funds held in Takas can be spent at Bangladeshi shopping sites, they can also be used to pay for Bangladeshi services such as mobile top-ups, or they can be sent to other Payza members in the country.

When you’re ready to exchange foreign currency to Takas, just follow the steps in this animation to complete your exchange. You can also read more about how to exchange funds in the Payza Reference Center: How Do I Exchange Currencies?

USD to Takas conversion

Convert US Dollars to Takas in your Payza Account.

Payza Wins Customer Choice – Best International CNP Program at 2017 CNP Awards

Payza was honored to win the Customer Choice – Best International CNP Program at the 2017 CNP Awards in Orlando, Florida. The CNP Awards celebrate the best Card Not Present programs and innovations each year. The win was a first for Payza at these awards and the company’s second major industry award this year, following the Best Online Payment Method Award received at MPE Awards 2017.

The win is especially meaningful as the “Customer Choice” awards are determined through customer votes and testimonials. The support of companies who use Payza for their online payment needs is what made this win possible.

In writing about Payza’s win, CNP had this to say:

Payza, a first-time winner at the CNP Awards, nabbed this year’s Customer Choice Award for Best International CNP Program. Launched in 2012, Payza is a UK-based digital payments company with offices in Canada and India. It provides online payment services for banked and underbanked populations alike in more than 190 countries.

The company notes that it is one of the few online payment options available for businesses and freelancers in regions such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and many other developing and emerging markets.