Press Release: Payza Wins Best Online Payment Method at the MPE 2017 Awards

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The following sections are taken from a press release published on PRWeb. Find the full release here.

Payza, a global online payment platform, is proud to announce that they have won the 2017 Merchant Payments Ecosystem Award for Best Online Payment Method. The MPE Awards were announced at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, Germany, February 15, 2017.

“2016 was a banner year for Payza,” said Firoz Patel, global executive vice president of Payza, who accepted the award on the company’s behalf. “The United Kingdom, for instance, saw over 150% year-over-year growth in terms of new merchant accounts. Overall, Payza saw 50% YOY growth in business signups and 225% growth in merchant payment volume. To be recognized as the best online payment method from among Europe’s leading providers is a credit to Payza’s continuing effort of providing local payment options to our users in Europe and across the globe.”

Along with the Online Payment Method Award win, Payza was also shortlisted for the Data Information Award, which recognizes achievements in using big data to improve customer experience, decrease fraud, and increase profitability.

“Winning this award wouldn’t have been possible without the combined contributions of each and every Payza employee,” continued Patel. “From our amazing customer support staff, and our dedicated IT team and software engineers, to our merchant account managers, and our banking, fraud prevention, and account security teams, this achievement was the culmination of a full company effort.”

The complete list of 2017 MPE Award winners can be found here:

O Canada! Make Payments with Interac® and Save On Transaction Fees

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Interac® Online payment method is now available to our Canadian members for checkout payments and deposits.


As part of our expansion of affordable local payment options, we at Payza are excited to announce the launch of our Interac® Online services in Canada. The Add Funds by Interac® Online feature allows our members from Canada to transfer funds from their Canadian bank accounts to their Payza account using the Interac® network. Additionally, you can now use most Canadian debit cards to pay for items sold by Payza merchants across the globe.

The low fees and rapid processing for Interac® transactions give you another fast, affordable and secure online payment method.

Low transaction fees

Interac® payments are affordable thanks to their minimal transaction fees in comparison to most other payment methods. Payza charges a flat fee of $1.50 for Interac® deposits, regardless of the amount. For transactions over $30*, Payza members will benefit from significant savings when using an Interac® debit card instead of a credit card to add funds to their account.

All Payza payments made using Interac® Online are free of charge. Just like when you shop at Payza merchants using credit cards, the amount paid using Interac® Online is final. There are no unexpected fees at the end of the month.

Great security with fast transaction times

Our Fraud Prevention Team will review all deposits within one to two business days, making the process of adding funds with Interac® highly secure. Deposits using this method are faster than bank transfers or wires and just as safe. Also, online payments made with Interac® are instant.

There is a precautionary transaction limit of $500 to further protect your card and your account.

Adding funds with Interac® is straightforward and so simple that you can get started right away. Just log in to your Payza account, click “Add Funds” in the top menu, select Interac® Online, then follow the instructions on the screen. Your deposit will be set up in no time!

* For a $30 transaction, it costs the same to add funds by credit card (5% fee) or by Interac® Online ($1.50 flat rate).

Payza Incorporates Interac® Online Payment Method for Canadian Consumers and Businesses


Canadian members can fund their Payza accounts or pay participating merchants, both domestic and international, via direct debit card transactions

LONDON, UK — August 23, 2016 — Payza, a leading global payment platform, is pleased to announce their integration with Interac®, Canada’s interbank network for transferring funds electronically. Canadians can now add funds to their Payza accounts directly through their online bank account via the “Add Funds by Interac® Online” option within their accounts. Additionally, Payza Businesses worldwide can directly accept Interac® Online payments from Canadian members.

Payza members can load their accounts by transferring money from their Canadian bank accounts to their online Payza accounts for a flat rate of $1.50 CAD per transaction, up to $500 CAD. Payza merchants can accept payments from Canadian consumers via Interac® Online for fees starting at 2.5% + $0.79.

“Canadians love their debit cards and use Interac®, the debit system powering Canada, 16 million times a day on average to shop online and in stores, and to send money electronically to friends and family,” explains Firoz Patel, Payza’s global executive vice president.  “By providing our Canadian members with a service they know and love to easily fund to their Payza accounts, we are proving our commitment to delivering preferred local payment options to our global customer base, one market at a time.

“We are also giving our business members, both inside and outside of Canada, a new way to attract and retain Canadian consumers by removing some of the friction in the purchase process,” continues Patel. “Although Canada is a relatively small market, with Canadians predicted to spend $39 billion online by 2019, cross-border dominates the industry as 7 purchases out of 10 are made to international ecommerce merchants. Making that international purchase a little bit easier on the Canadian consumer and more affordable for the merchant just makes sense, and we’re proud that Payza can provide that solution.”

To learn more about Local Payment Options, visit and sign up for a free Payza account at


About Payza

Payza is a leading online payments technology platform used by licensed entities around the world. Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. The company offers access to payment services in both traditional and emerging markets, as well as a host of tools and services including: fraud screening, dispute resolution, currency exchange, global payouts and disbursement services. With millions of members, Payza offers its services around the world in 21 currencies and is proud to provide its merchants around the globe with a complete solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses.


More information is available about Payza on its website,, Facebook, Twitter and the company’s blog.

Payza is a wholly owned subsidiary of UK-based MH Pillars Ltd. and operated by Mazarine Commerce Inc. in Canada.

Using Alternative Payments to Avoid Financial Headaches

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Even if you’re well-prepared, managing your personal or business finances can be a handful. If you’re unprepared, it can be a disaster. Money management and surprises don’t go well together, and when you do run into surprises, they usually aren’t pleasant. But, by using an alternative payment solution, a lot of the little frustrations that sometimes seem part and parcel with managing your money can be avoided more easily than you think.

A Changing of the Guard

The truth is the financial world as most people know it is a big, lumbering dinosaur. The rise of alternative payments didn’t come from nowhere – the revolution was sparked because traditional banks weren’t suited to the new, connected economy, and they seem reluctant to adapt.

Here’s how alternative payment solutions like Payza can help you to avoid the most common financial frustrations:

1) Unexpected Fees: Though they are a dying breed, traditional banks still act like they’re the only game in town. Every time you get a new bank statement there’s a whole new set of fees that have been added just because. For a long time, there was nothing you could do about it but now there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

2) Delays: How long does it take for your money to come through? Or for a bank transfer to process? Banks still operate on 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule, even their automated services. That makes no sense in the internet age. E-wallets are 24/7 and sending money with around the globe with Payza is instant.

3) Customer Service (or the lack thereof): Again, you can only get a hold of your bank from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Try calling your bank on the phone and what happens? Most of the time you’re put on hold right away for what feels like an eternity. Online alternatives like Payza understand the value of customer service and make sure there are several different channels available at all hours of the day.

4) Paperwork: Why is it that every time you go to the bank you walk away with a folder full of paper? And there’s always something else to fill out before you can access a new feature? Online payment platforms are an all-in-one alternative – all you do is sign up once, then you’ve got everything you could want at your fingertips.

5) Lack of Global Infrastructure: Banks make it almost impossible to transfer money overseas. There’s no way to do it online, and it always comes with a long delay and a massive fee – e-wallets operate around the world with no additional fees. And if you’re travelling overseas you’re forced to use credit because none of your bank cards will work – e-wallets offer alternatives such as the Payza Prepaid Card, which can be used anywhere in the world, online or in-person.

If you’re sick and tired of experiencing any of these surprises, annoyances and frustrations, then today’s the day you should sign up for a free Payza account.