Bangladeshi Payza Members Can Now Convert Foreign Currency to Takas

Payza Currency Exchange

Payza has opened a new option for members in Bangladesh that will allow them to convert foreign currencies to Bangladeshi Takas (BDT) directly within their accounts. Previously, foreign currency had to be withdrawn to a Bangladeshi bank account in order to convert those funds to BDT, but with this new option, members can now make that conversion directly within their Payza accounts.

This new option will allow Bangladeshis to use the foreign currency they receive from friends and family abroad, and from payments they receive for freelance work, to make online purchases within Bangladesh, or to pay for services that accept Payza payments.

Because of regulations in Bangladesh, it is not possible for Bangladeshi Takas to be converted into other currencies. Funds held in Takas can be spent at Bangladeshi shopping sites, they can also be used to pay for Bangladeshi services such as mobile top-ups, or they can be sent to other Payza members in the country.

When you’re ready to exchange foreign currency to Takas, just follow the steps in this animation to complete your exchange. You can also read more about how to exchange funds in the Payza Reference Center: How Do I Exchange Currencies?

USD to Takas conversion

Convert US Dollars to Takas in your Payza Account.

Payza Mother Language Day Promotion: Save 21% at Participating Merchants

Our deal for Mother Language Day is best described as অসাধারণ !

International Mother Language Day is celebrated every year on 21st February. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote the awareness of language and cultural diversity all across the world.

February 21st is a special day for Bangladesh. Here we take time as a community to embrace our endearing culture and unique Bengali language for Mother Language Month. Our merchants in Bangladesh want to celebrate with all our Bangladeshi members by offering a special event, just for you.

To commemorate February 21st, select merchants in Bangladesh are offering a 21% discount for 21 days on all purchases made at Bangladeshi merchants with Payza. As the leading online payment gateway in the country, we were able to gather these leading merchants together and make this unique promotion possible.

From February 8th until the 28th, you can enjoy a huge discount when shopping at a dozen of the largest online brands in Bangladesh. Your discount is automatic when you pay for your purchases using your Payza e-wallet.

A deal this good should be shared, so be sure to tell your friends. If they don’t have a Payza account already, they can sign up today and also benefit from this great deal!

Here is a quick look at some of the amazing merchants and items you can buy with our huge discount. Check out their online stores today and see all they have to offer.

List of Bangladeshi merchants where you can save


  • Here you can peruse a variety of popular local and international brands; this site sells a diversity of electronics, clothing, home goods and accessories for women, children and men. 65 different categories of products.


  • Founded in 2015, this online marketplace offers deals on clothing, jewelry, mobile phones, electronics, home appliances and food & grocery items. You will find both international and Bangladeshi products. Their collection is extensive and includes everything from mangoes to cricket bats.


  • Launched back in 2012, PriyoShop is one of the earliest players in Bangladesh’s growing e-commerce industry. Shop online for products for men, women and children, including clothes, gift items, books, mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, and popular electronics.


  • One of the newest e-commerce sites for the country. Here you will find hip clothing and accessories for men and women; you’ll find a selection of shirts, shoes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses and a handful of mobile phones. Mostly international brands. Offers free shipping for purchases over 5000 Taka.


  • Clothing, electronics, and household items reign supreme here. Casio watches, calculators, smart phones, cosmetics and sarees are popular items.


  • Top selling gadget and gift item selling website. You find some less-common products for sale on this site, such as inflatable beach items and virtual reality headsets. The glowing LED shoe laces are sure to catch your eye.


  • You will find most imaginable electronics for sale here. Gadgets only, ranging from electric scooters to laptops.


  • Marketplace of diverse stores selling products for women, men and children; there are many items for home and personal use.


  • Feeling hungry? You are at the right place. This site sells a delicious selection of both fresh and processed food items.


  • Hotel resort & convention center providing facilitates for clients’ relaxation and corporate conventions. Located in a tranquil natural setting.


  • Touted as one of the largest online shopping malls in Bangladesh. Here is a broad selection of international and Bangladeshi products for men, women and children. Free shipping for orders over 5000 takas.

Takas or Foreign Currency: Adding Funds to Payza in Bangladesh

As a Payza member in Bangladesh, you have Add Funds options to help you fund your Payza account. From bank wires to mobile money transfers using bKash, Payza’s options let you add funds in either Takas (BDT) or a foreign currency.

Because of regulations from the central Bank of Bangladesh that impose strict currency controls, it is often not possible to convert funds added in Takas into a foreign currency, or to convert foreign currencies into Takas. That means it is important to be sure you are adding funds in the right currency to your Payza account to meet your needs.

This table shows you which methods can be used to Add Funds to your Payza account in Takas and which methods can be used to add foreign currency funds to your account:

Even though you won’t be able to convert your Takas into another currency, you can use these funds to shop online at many e-commerce merchants in Bangladesh. Our partnership with SSLCommerz means there will soon be hundreds of merchants in Bangladesh who will accept Payza payments in Takas.

Adding funds in Takas

To add Takas to your Payza account, you can use either the Add Funds by bKash option, or the Add Funds by Bank Transfer Option.

Follow these steps to Add Funds by bKash:

1) In your Payza account, click “Add Funds” in the top menu.
2) Select “bKash”.
3) Follow the instructions to send money from your bKash account to Payza.
4) When you receive your confirmation code or bKash Transaction ID, enter that information and click “Create Transaction”.
5) Review the transaction details and confirm the deposit.

To add Takas by bank transfer, you must first add and validate your bank account. This blog post has more information to help you connect your Bangladeshi bank account to your Payza account: How to: Validate Your Bank Account with Micro-Deposits.

Over-the-counter Bank Transactions

An additional method to add funds in Takas to your Payza account is the Over-The-Counter Bank Transactions option. This option is currently unavailable but will return in the near future.

Payza Bangladesh and SSLCOMMERZ Sign Agreement to Strengthen Online Payment Gateway Service

payza news media coverage updates

This is a snippet from an article originally published October 3, 2016, in The Dhaka Tribune. Read the full article here.

Payza Bangladesh signed and agreement with SSLCOMMERZ, an online payment gateway service of SSL Wireless on September 29, 2016, at Casada corporate office, to offer an enhanced online payment solution in Bangladesh.

This partnership will give Payza members access to over 400 different categories of local e-commerce merchants of SSLCOMMERZ, such as lifestyle, e-shop, travel and aviation, hospital, digital services, online ticket, food delivery, universities, and others. Customers can enjoy easy and instant check out, while shopping online from hundreds of websites by simply logging into their Payza e-wallet through SSLCOMMERZ. Additionally, this will enable customers to use web based mobile top up services.

“Our main focus is to grow and enhance online payments in Bangladesh and that is why we are very excited to be in accord with SSL as it will create more options in the growing e-commerce industry of Bangladesh,” said Nafis Ehtisham, Head of Operations, Marketing and Sales.

Payza Members Can Now Add Funds by bKash

bKash, the popular mobile money service in Bangladesh is now compatible with Payza! This is great news for Bangladeshi members looking for a quick and easy way to top up their Payza accounts. With this new deposit option you can instantly add Takas to your Payza account to shop online or to send money to your friends and family.

Adding funds to your account using bKash is quick and easy, just follow these instructions to set up a deposit:

  • Log in to your Payza account
  • Click on “Add Funds” at the top of the screen and then select the “bKash” option
  • Follow the instructions on screen to send money from your bKash account to Payza
  • When you receive your confirmation code or “bKash transaction ID”, enter that information into your Payza account and click “Create Transaction”
  • On the next page, review your transaction details and confirm the deposit.

The deposit page for your Add Funds by bKash transaction will look like this. Simply follow the instructions here to send funds from your bKash account to Payza:

bKash Screenshot

Your takas will then be instantly credited to your account, ready for you to use however you like!

Payza is committed to giving our members the best e-wallet experience and online money transfer service. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to bring added value to our members. If you provide or know of a service that would be of benefit to our millions of members worldwide, contact [email protected] to speak with our business development team.

Bangladesh e-Commerce Scene Ready to Jump to the Next Level

Bangladesh is a country with over 150 million residents but more than that, it is the most densely populated country on the planet, with more people per square mile than any other country. The population is on the verge of an economic breakout, especially in the e-commerce sector, and now the European Union is looking to create strong ties with Bangladesh.

It’s an exciting time for Bangladeshis, and an exciting time for Payza, which had committed to playing an important role in Bangladesh’s emerging digital economy. Through cooperation and innovation, Payza, Casada Tech and Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. (BCB) have created an online wallet and payment service designed specifically to meet the needs of Bangladeshis. The new online wallet gives Bangladeshis easy and familiar ways to load Takas to their accounts, either online by credit card or by visiting a bank teller. From there, members can use those Takas to pay bills, shop online, or send money to their friends and family.

Casada’s Vice-Chairman, Nadimur Rahman, was at Digital World 2015 to discuss the part Payza will play in Bangladesh’s developing digital ecosystem. “The modern world is digital, it exists online as much as in nature,” said Rahman, “Payza’s digital wallet and online payment processing will help combine the these two worlds, allowing for an easier transition for Bangladeshis, many of whom are still unfamiliar with this new online environment. Having a reliable online payment processor and ewallet service in Bangladesh is an absolute must in order to make sure Bangladeshis are free to participate in and contribute to the online world as much as possible, but it is also important to make sure these tools are accessible to as many Bangladeshis as possible, by maintaining the best parts of Bangladesh’s traditional economy, while solving everyday problems like a dependence of carrying too many Takas through hour long traffic jams and lineups just to pay a bill.”

“Bangladesh is ready to make the leap into the digital future, and Payza, along with Casada, will be there to help,” Mr. Rahman added. “If you have a webstore in Bangladesh or are thinking of launching an online business, now is the time to contact Payza to see how we can help.”

Meet Casada Vice-Chairman Nadimur Rahman at Digital World 2015 Representing Payza Bangladesh

Digital World 2105

Digital World 2015, this year’s edition of Bangladesh’s annual technology and e-commerce conference will take place from February 9 to 12 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka, the nation’s capital. The event gathers government officials, policy makers, captains of industry, academics, investors and international development agencies.

Mr. Rahman, Senior Vice-Chairman of Casada Technology Ltd, Payza’s authorized agent in Bangladesh, will be in attendance and representing Payza at Digital World’s E-Commerce Expo to discuss the exciting advancements in online payment processing and money transfer solutions Payza is bringing to Bangladesh’s rapidly developing e-commerce environment. Mr. Rahman will also be giving a presentation entitled Next Generation Ecommerce: Prospect and Challenges on February 12, beginning at 11:00 AM local time.

Payza and Casada are currently in the final stages of testing a bank transfer feature that will allow Payza members in Bangladesh to add and withdraw funds to and from their online account at the lowest cost possible. Currently there are close to 1000 Bangladeshis that have connected their bank accounts to their Payza account in anticipation of this new feature!

Mr. Rahman looks forward to speaking with ambitious Bangladeshis at the event to discuss Payza’s vision of The Future of e-Commerce in Bangladesh. “Our goal is still to merge the world Bangladeshis already know with the online world that is developing right in front of our eyes,” explained Mr. Rahman. “The people that attend Digital World are exactly the type of people that will be forging this new, digitally connected Bangladesh and we are excited to meet with them, hear their ideas and share our own in order to better play our part in this incredible undertaking.”

Casada and Payza are positioned to play a major role in Bangladesh’s e-commerce scene. Payza has offered services in Bangladesh since the company opened in 2012, taking special interest in the developing nation that is home to more than 150 million people. As part of its commitment to ecommerce in Bangladesh, Payza has formed a partnership with Bangladesh Commerce Bank to give Bangladeshis a fast and simple way to add and withdraw their online money.

“Casada and Payza have made a commitment to not only be a participant in Bangladesh’s e-commerce environment, but to be a driving force behind it,” Mr. Rahman added. “The Bangladeshi people have a great partner in Payza that will help bring this country forward into the digital age.”

The Future of e-Commerce in Bangladesh

Payza connected commerce

For months now, Payza and our local partner in Bangladesh, Casada Tech, have been working closely with Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. (BCB) and some of the nation’s most popular internet retailers to bring major advancements to the country’s e-commerce scene. Becoming digital is an important goal of the current Bangladeshi government, and along with its local partners Payza plans to be a major contributor in creating a connected Bangladesh.

Payza, Casada and BCB have been working to create an online wallet and payment service designed specifically to meet the needs of Bangladeshis. The new online wallet lets Bangladeshis deposit Takas, either by credit card or by visiting a bank teller, and then use that money to shop online, pay bills, or send money to their friends and family. “We were looking for a way to combine the familiarity of personal service with the convenience of mobile technology and the speed of the internet. We think the final product is something that Bangladeshis will really love and use almost every day,” said Nadim Rahman, Vice-Chairman of Casada Tech.

Payza is getting ready to introduce a new deposit and withdrawal option to Bangladesh, Over the Counter transfers. This new method to load and unload Payza accounts will let Bangladeshis go to their local BCB bank teller and set up an instant deposit or withdrawal. The feature is set to begin beta testing in September before being made available across the country.

“The modern world is digital, it exists online as much as in nature,” said Rahman, “we were looking for a way to combine the world Bangladeshis already know with the new online world that is still developing. Having a reliable online payment processor and ewallet service in Bangladesh is an absolute must in order to make sure Bangladeshis are free to participate in and contribute to the online world as much as possible. The Payza platform already gives Bangladeshis living overseas an easy and affordable way to send money home. It already gives Bangledeshi freelancers a way to get paid for their services so they can bid on contracts from America, Europe and anywhere else in the world where there expertise is sought after. But that’s just the beginning.”

Payza has lined up an impressive collection of local ecommerce retailers that are ready to accept payments using its platform. Marketplace, grocers Direct Fresh, restaurant delivery service Foodpanda and many more of Bangladesh’s top sites have all pledged to incorporate Payza’s online payment processing system for easy checkouts. Other Bangladeshi businesses interested in seeing how Payza can help streamline their payment processing needs can contact our sales team.

Using Payza to pay while shopping online will have many advantages. As a PCI Level 1 compliant payment processor, Payza follows strict standards to protection the personal and financial details of our members, so your information stays secure. With Payza you won’t need to keep large amounts of cash on hand to pay on delivery. Instead you can pay securely online, and with Payza’s Resolution Center, your transactions are protected.

How Payza Plans to Make Online Shopping Easier in Bangladesh

Payza Bangladesh Ecommerce

In terms of reach for online payment platforms, Payza certainly covers a lot of ground. We offer services in over 190 countries, much more than the majority of companies in our field.

But just because Payza is a global company, that doesn’t mean we’re one-size-fits-all. Payza is constantly looking for ways to offer the right service for the right region, depending on the circumstances. In that regard, Payza’s plans for Bangladesh are a perfect example.

Bangladesh’s Unique E-commerce Situation

Bangladesh is a country with more than 150 million inhabitants, making it the 8th most populous country on the planet, ahead of Japan, Mexico and even Russia. The median age in Bangladesh is 23, meaning that over half of the country’s population is university age or younger.

In 2009, less than 750,000 Bangladeshis had access to the internet; now that number is over 33 million, and it continues to grow rapidly. At Payza, we believe it’s about time Bangladesh’s e-commerce scene was brought up to the same level to the rest of the world.

And we’re working to help do exactly that.

Payza offers Bangladeshis their first e-wallet and online payment processing service, allowing inhabitants to send and receive money online and to shop at some of their favorite e-commerce websites. Before Payza came to Bangladesh, there really wasn’t an easy way for shoppers to pay online and no easy was for merchants to accept payments, but that’s about to change.

With a Payza account, Bangladeshis can easily add money to their online balance and then use that money to shop in some on the most popular shopping websites in Bangladesh., and along with several other e-commerce leaders have all pledged to accept Payza payments on their sites.

“The idea behind the Payza local e-wallet system is to give everyone in Bangladesh a much easier way to use their money and to provide the final step in the true online shopping experience,” said Amar S. Magon, Chief Strategy Officer for Casada Technology Ltd., Payza’s main partner in Bangladesh.

Making Online Shopping in Bangladesh Easier

One exciting feature Payza plans to bring to Bangladesh are deposits and withdrawals that can be made right at the bank with the help of a teller. Bangladeshi Payza members with verified accounts will be able to go to their bank and instantly add Takas to their Payza online balances, and then use that money to shop online.

With specific laws in Bangladesh that don’t allow for international purchases online, Payza’s services will mean a big boost for the local ecommerce scene. Many payment processing and e-wallet companies have stayed away from Bangladesh for this reason, but Payza sees an opportunity to provide a necessary boost for this increasingly tech-savvy nation. Not only will Payza make it easier for consumers to shop online, they’ll also make it much easier for smaller merchants to operate their own e-commerce sites.

Even smaller merchants will be in Bangladesh will be able to accept secure online payments, which means they won’t need to depend on their delivery drivers or couriers to accept cash on delivery, a security concern for all parties involved.

Payza Aims to Help All Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

“We’re extremely happy to be partnered with the biggest and best online merchants in Bangladesh. At the same time, we are also looking to sign up smaller merchants and entrepreneurs that are just getting set up in e-commerce, whether they are shop owners or freelancers,” said Firoz Patel, EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Affairs.

“There is an e-commerce market in Bangladesh that is on the cusp of a major boom. There is a lot of freelance work and outsourcing work being done here, and these freelancers would highly benefit from the service we are offering,” says Patel. “In this new internet age, resourceful workers need an easy solution to accept online payments if they hope to take advantage of every opportunity. Without a tool like Payza, freelancers and self-employed professionals had no real way to accept lucrative work from countries in Europe, Asia and America. Thanks to Payza, Bangladeshis can look forward to playing a bigger role in an increasingly connected world.”

Payza Partners with BCBL to Expand Services in Bangladesh

Payza and Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited (BCBL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will allow Payza to bring new mobile wallet services to Bangladesh. The Executive Vice President of Payza, Mr. Firoz Patel, and the Managing Director of BCBL, Mr. Abu Sadek Md. Sohel, were the primary signatories representing their organizations.

Payza, in conjunction with Bangladesh’s Casada Technology Limited, has already launched two important services in Bangladesh, a country of with over 150 million inhabitants. Payza is one of the only e-wallet services available in Bangladesh, allowing Bangladeshis to send and receive money online to and from almost anywhere in the world. In December 2012, Payza and Casada launched SimplySendBD, a unique, low-cost remittance option for Bangladeshi ex-pats to send funds back home to their family and loved ones. Payza and Casada are now preparing to launch a revolutionary mobile wallet service that will allow Bangladeshis to shop online and to pay their utility bills, such as gas, electricity and water, directly from their mobile phones.

Payza and Casada shared a demo video showcasing the powerful potential of the Payza M-wallet Platform. On top of online shopping and bill payments, the platform also opens up opportunities for organizations to dabble in corporate disbursements, enabling mass payouts making it easier to pay out salaries and commission.

“Thanks to our partnership with Casada, Payza has been able to bring Bangladesh services that both meet the regional needs and help bring this economy into the global online marketplace,” said Patel. “This partnership with BCBL paves the way from an exciting new service that will make the daily lives of many Bangladeshis easier by taking away the need to wait in long lineups in order to pay monthly bills. The new m-wallet service should also improve the strength of Bangladesh’s e-commerce industry by giving shoppers better options to complete their online purchases.”

While the m-wallet product is still in development, the service is expected to launch in the last quarter of 2014.